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The main thesis of the presentation is the importance of a well-planned migration to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to ensure a successful investment in agile network architectures.
  • 1. Assemble a diverse team including security, networking, application owners, and workplace transformation leaders for comprehensive evaluations and seamless migration.
  • 2. Clearly define objectives and goals for the migration to shape the project roadmap.
  • 3. Assess bandwidth, performance requirements, and user needs for each branch office to optimize connectivity options.
  • 4. Plan for future needs and scalability to ensure a future-proof deployment.
  • 5. Craft an RFI for potential SASE providers to narrow down the list for proof of concept.
  • 6. Implement a gradual deployment approach, starting small and phasing in SASE as needed.
  • 7. Build a business case focusing on simplifying the network, optimizing costs, and mitigating security risks.
  • 8. Shortlist top providers, run proof of concept deployments, and migrate fully once ready.
  • Emphasize phased deployment for tangible evidence of benefits and business impact.
network migration
business case
phased deployment

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