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Industrial control systems (ICS) providers have released Patch Tuesday advisories to address critical vulnerabilities in their products, emphasizing the importance of timely patching and proactive cybersecurity measures.
  • Siemens published 15 new advisories addressing critical vulnerabilities in various products, including remote code execution and privilege escalation.
  • Rockwell Automation released advisories on high-severity vulnerabilities in FactoryTalk Remote Access and FactoryTalk View SE.
  • Mitsubishi Electric disclosed vulnerabilities in FA engineering software products due to Jungo WinDriver, highlighting risks of arbitrary command execution and privilege escalation.
  • Johnson Controls warned of a vulnerability in the C•CURE 9000 access control solution, underscoring the need for securing operational technology (OT) systems.
  • CISA informed organizations about the advisories from Rockwell, Mitsubishi, and Johnson, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and applying patches promptly.
  • Schneider Electric did not release any new advisories this Patch Tuesday, indicating potential gaps in addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Overall, the advisories underscore the critical role of proactive cybersecurity measures, timely patching, and ongoing monitoring to protect industrial control systems from cyber threats.
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