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Cloud and security technologies are driving business growth opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) and the session border controller (SBC) plays a key role in securing the cloud.
  • Cloud and security technologies are maturing and driving business growth opportunities for CSPs
  • The session border controller (SBC) is retaining and gaining relevancy in the cloud domain
  • SBCs are moving towards virtualization configurations and optimized performances to enable large-scale access and peering services rollout
  • SBCs are being asked to manage a greater number of more complex services in a distributed cloud edge model
  • The latest generation of virtual SBCs (vSBCs) are well positioned to play a stronger role in securing the cloud
  • vSBCs can support hosted security as a service (SECaaS) add-ons and mitigate the threat of DDoS attacks
  • vSBCs will further enhance their role in executing services and securing the cloud with the push to support 5G and artificial intelligence (AI)
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