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The main theme of the conference presentation is the importance of cybersecurity and risk management in the context of digital government and services. It emphasizes the need for state and local governments to address the increasing complexity and distributed nature of infrastructure, while also meeting the expectations of digital-savvy constituents. Legacy modernization and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) are highlighted as key factors in enhancing cybersecurity and mitigating risks.
  • State and local governments need to prioritize cybersecurity and risk management in the face of complex and distributed infrastructure.
  • Legacy modernization is crucial for managing and securing applications and APIs.
  • Digital government and services require a distributed cloud capability to simplify complexity and secure digital assets.
  • The use of AI by cyber criminals poses new threats, while AI can also be leveraged for improved detection and mitigation.
  • Creating and enforcing security policies uniformly across development, deployment, and operation is essential.
  • State and local governments should develop an AI strategy to defend against AI-based attacks and explore its potential for solving security problems.
risk management
digital government
legacy modernization
distributed cloud
AI strategy

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