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The FDA has issued new regulations regarding the cybersecurity requirements of medical devices, emphasizing the critical role of security in ensuring safe and effective use.
  • The new regulations apply to devices that include software validated by the sponsor, have internet connectivity, and possess technological characteristics vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.
  • The purpose of the regulations is to recognize the importance of cybersecurity in medical devices and promote the integration of security design and operational support.
  • Medical device manufacturers must submit information demonstrating compliance with cybersecurity standards, including a plan to monitor and address vulnerabilities, processes to assure device and system security, and a software bill of materials.
  • Impacted companies should collaborate with security professionals and engineers to design devices with security in mind and acquire the necessary skills and tools to comply with the guidelines.
  • Good security hygiene is crucial for medical device companies to bring safe and effective products to the market.
  • Partnerships with experienced security providers can help device companies meet the new requirements.
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