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Yamaha Motor confirms data breach in a ransomware attack on its Philippines subsidiary, resulting in the theft of employees' personal information.
  • The personal information of employees was stolen in a ransomware attack on Yamaha Motor Philippines.
  • The attack occurred on October 25 and only impacted one server managed by the subsidiary.
  • Yamaha Motor immediately set up a countermeasures team and launched an investigation.
  • The INC Ransom gang has claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • The ransomware group has been targeting organizations in various industries, exploiting vulnerable internet-facing assets.
  • INC Ransom has been observed exploiting a critical-severity Citrix NetScaler ADC and Gateway vulnerability.
  • Data stolen from Yamaha Motor Philippines was published on the ransomware group's leak site.
  • The group has claimed hacking into the systems of multiple organizations in the past month.
Yamaha Motor
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ransomware attack
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