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Saudi Arabia plans to offer Google's Chronicle CyberShield as a managed service to enhance cybersecurity in the public sector organizations.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to improve the security of its public sector organizations by providing Google's Chronicle CyberShield as a managed service.
  • The deal between Google and Haboob, a cybersecurity service provider owned by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones, includes additional services such as AI-powered managed security monitoring, incident response, compromise and cyber defense assessments, and red-teaming capabilities from Mandiant.
  • Chronicle CyberShield enables government agencies to integrate threat intelligence, detection, and response, facilitating the sharing of threat information, accelerating investigations, and enabling a united response.
  • Haboob will oversee the launch of a government security operations center (SOC) in Saudi Arabia.
  • This collaboration reflects Saudi Arabia's efforts to collaborate with US cybersecurity vendors, as seen in Aramco's recent partnership with Dragos to enhance security for Saudi operational technology (OT) environments.
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