Objects In The Rear View Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


Authors:   Erez Yalon


Abstract:We are living in the future. Actually, we have been living in the future for some time now. Unfortunately, progress is not equally divided between the different facets of technology. An area that has always suffered a delayed reaction is security, and more specifically security testing. When it comes to innovation and digital transformation, we are charging forward at full speed, but failing to adapt testing practices to evolve with the times and technologies. We are quickly, and often blindly, embracing the bleeding edge of technology, but every tech adoption comes with the overhead of a new set of tests (and their respective vendors of course). We are aggressively shifting left to the point where our testing results are not actionable, and sometimes not even clear. In this talk, we will discuss the ‘opportunities’ future-fueled applications present to adversaries, the challenges security teams encounter with modern architectures, and the vision we should consider when testing and securing these applications to take a more proactive defense approach across the industry.