Rise of the Hypebots: Scripting Streetwear

Conference:  Defcon 27



The rise of hype bots and the use of shell scripting in purchasing streetwear and other high-demand items.
  • Hype bots have become a major force in purchasing high-demand items such as sneakers, shirts, and swag.
  • Shell scripting is often necessary to compete with AI-powered bots.
  • Companies are struggling to combat the use of bots in purchasing.
  • The internet was built for bots, and web developers must optimize their sites for robots.
  • Test-driven development is important for writing bots and optimizing checkout processes.
  • Capitalism encourages bad behavior in the purchasing of high-demand items.
  • Resellers control the market for high-demand items and mark up prices significantly.
  • Consumers encourage this behavior by being willing to pay exorbitant prices for these items.
The speaker, Final Phoenix, began her journey into the world of bots when she wanted to purchase a dress that was in high demand. She realized that she needed to become a bot herself in order to compete with the other buyers. This led her down a path of purchasing not only dresses, but also sneakers, streetwear, and even purses shaped like teddy bears. She notes that competition for these items is fierce, and consumers are willing to pay high prices to win. Resellers take advantage of this by buying up all the inventory and marking up prices significantly. This has led to the rise of hype bots and the use of shell scripting to compete with AI-powered bots.


Buying Supreme is even harder when most of your competitors are AI. The era of bot purchasing has arrived and more often than not, purchasing shoes, shirts, and swag, requires shell scripting. We will look at how simplistic (and how complicated) purchasing bots have become, how to write them, and what companies are trying to do to fight them, and why they’re failing at conquering the machines.