Birds & Buttons - Cyber Risk Success Criteria for Board & Executives


Authors:   Shamane Tan


The presentation discusses the criteria for effective cyber risk management and provides tips for overcoming common excuses and communicating with executives.
  • Align cyber risk with business risk tolerance
  • Consider risk transfer options
  • Maintain foresight and keep up with current affairs
  • Understand legal ramifications
  • Promote a secure culture and collaborate with others
  • Overcome common excuses with good practice and effective communication
  • Communicate with executives using risk and compliance language
  • Use D.O.P.E. personality test for self-discovery
The speaker highlights the importance of collaboration and sharing intel to strengthen defenses and resilience. She emphasizes the need for a culture of security that extends beyond the organization and spans across industries and countries. The speaker also provides a checklist of questions to challenge thinking and ensure effective cyber risk management.


This session is a crash course for CISOs and cyber risk leaders. How do you give a cyber talk for non-cyber executives and the board? In this segment, author of ‘Cyber Risk Leaders: Global C-Suite Insights, Shamane Tan will walkthrough key extracts from her years of research and more than a thousand coffee meetings with CxOs from across the globe. Find out where do Birds & Buttons fit in, as Shamane highlights key cyber risks success criteria for board and executives.


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