From Cloud Naive to Cloud Native – Avoiding Mistakes Everyone Does


Authors:   Max Körbächer


Developers need to prioritize the tools and education around cloud native development and treat it as a critical, lifelong product.
  • Infrastructure used for implementing cloud native development is critical and needs to be treated as such
  • Internal developer platforms need continuous work and adoption of new features
  • Understanding and proper use of cloud native patterns is important
  • Developers need to prioritize the tools and education around cloud native development
The speaker mentioned that projects are often time-boxed, but this doesn't work with internal developer platforms based on open source or Kubernetes, which require continuous upgrades and maintenance. They emphasized the importance of treating cloud native development as a critical, lifelong product that needs continuous work and adoption of new features.


“Cloud native” is nowadays a very brought word, used for everything from projects going to the cloud, open source solutions or in architecture terminology. This misleads initiatives and corporate decisions on cloud-first projects as well as their promised savings, improvements or speed gain. In this talk, we will have a look at common mistakes, how corporations place them elf into a twister and why you first need to really understand Netflix, Spotify and co, so that you can understand that you are very much different. Because migrating to the cloud, doesn’t make you native. Feel the passive-aggressive vibes? Good, now we can talk! Let us seriously discuss about architectural patterns, what really matters in your cloud provider, leading decision processes on a technical level and finally what are the steps to become cloud native and not cloud naive.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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