Vulnerability Intelligence

Conference:  BlackHat USA 2021



The presentation discusses the importance of vulnerability intelligence and provides tips on how to navigate the vulnerabilities scene. It emphasizes the need to move from managing vulnerabilities to vulnerability intelligence and provides factors to prioritize vulnerability management.
  • 70% of CVEs have a connection to the top 10 attack techniques
  • Four factors to prioritize vulnerability management: exploitability, scannability, popularity, and mitigation
  • Automation is key to navigating the world of big vulnerability data
The speaker highlights the difficulty in defining critical vulnerabilities and the need for more information to help prioritize vulnerabilities. The vfeed.io team's vulnerability database, which has been maintained for 10 years, provides much-needed information to help organizations prioritize vulnerabilities based on factors such as exploitability, scannability, popularity, and mitigation.


Attend a talk to learn tips to navigate the jungle of the vulnerabilities scene. Most likely the oldest task of a security specialist and still high on the agenda of any security organisation is prioritizing and mitigating weaknesses.What are the different standards and significant improvements to help? Let’s dig into 10 years of a vulnerability database maintained by the vfeed.io team and analyze the results.