DevSecOps in 2031: How robots and humans will secure apps together


Authors:   Stefan Streichsbier


The presentation discusses the importance of smart automation, seamless feedback for developers, and auto-fixing and repairing of code in cybersecurity and DevOps. It also emphasizes the need for more people and talent to help secure the world and the importance of recognizing safe lists for open source software projects.
  • Smart automation and work for integration are necessary to boost productivity and address cybersecurity issues
  • Seamless feedback for developers and auto-fixing and repairing of code are important for efficient and effective cybersecurity and DevOps
  • Recognizing safe lists for open source software projects is crucial for the community to work on and ensure the security of projects
  • Embracing machine learning and AI can make jobs easier and help focus on high-impact issues
The speaker talks about the challenges of securing one application in an organization and the need to scale up the approach to secure the entire portfolio. They also mention the challenges of integrating different tools and correlating issues and codes to address risks effectively. The speaker then discusses the progress made in the industry in using typesafe lightweight programming languages and changing the way open source software is used.


The year is 2031, how has software development and security evolved in the last decade? Are there any developers or security folks left? Have robots taken our jobs? Join this light-hearted talk and find out.We will join Security Engineer Sam, that is responsible for securing a cutting edge application for an upcoming fintech company in the year 2021. The app has just completed a major release and Sam is sharing her progress and learnings with her peers at a local OWASP meetup. After a night of celebration she wakes up and finds her future self jumping out of a time-machine in her bedroom closet. Time-space paradoxes aside, the future of the world is at stake because hackers are threatening to hack the planet. There is a small task force that has been working for a decade on finding a way to finally solve secure software development, and they have done it! There is no time to waste, you are joining your future self to go to the year 2031 and learn what they have learned to bring that knowledge back to present and avoid the dark future from ever happening.