"My CNI Plugin Did… What?!": Debugging CNI with Style and Aplomb


Authors:   Daniel Mellado, Doug Smith


The presentation discusses the basics of CNI and provides tools and techniques for debugging CNI plugins in production environments.
  • CNI is the container networking interface that provides an API for networking plugins to manipulate pod sandboxes
  • Debugging CNI plugins in production requires a toolbox of tools and techniques
  • CNI tool is a useful tool for debugging CNI plugins
  • CNI 2.0 needs to address the need for better debugging capabilities
The presenters shared their experience with debugging CNI plugins and emphasized the importance of having the right tools and techniques to diagnose and fix issues. They demonstrated the use of CNI tool to debug a plugin and showed how logging can be enhanced to analyze reports from users. They also discussed the need for better debugging capabilities in CNI 2.0.


Just because CNI is simple – doesn't mean it's easy. We're going to hook you up with the tools of the trade to analyze what's up when your CNI plugin is feeling down. It sure is easy to speak STDIN and STDOUT and write CNI plugins, but debugging CNI plugins in production takes more than brute force and will power – it takes a toolbox. From cnitool, to dummy CNI plugins, to enhancing your logging, we'll show the tools we use every day to make zeroing in on CNI problems a cool breeze. Not only will we crash CNI plugins on-the-fly to show you how we inspect what's happening, we'll also show you how we handle logging so you can analyze reports from your users when you don't have direct access to systems. We'll talk about how we architect CNI plugins to make debugging easier, and talk about thin plugin vs. thick plugins programming patterns, and show you how it impacts debuggability. Not only does it make debugging easier, it'll make developing easier.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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