Panel: The VC Landscape for AI Startups & Advice for Founders

Conference:  Transform X 2021


Authors:   Daniel Levine, Caryn Marooney, Anu Hariharan


Venture capital (VC) investors have dramatically increased the pace of dealmaking in the field of AI and ML. In 2020, over 1600 rounds worth over $27b were closed by US-based startups in this space, and 2021 is on track to set an even higher record. Navigating this landscape can be difficult for founders. In addition to the operational aspects—recruiting a team, building technology, working with prospects and customers, finding product-market fit—founders also face fundraising-related decisions with implications for the years to come. What are investors looking for? Which ones have experience with AI startups? What should be expected post-investment? In this panel, top VC investors in the AI and ML space will share how they evaluate startups, give advice to founders raising capital, and explain best ways to leverage your existing (and future) investors.


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