The New Stack Tapas Tuesday (Limited Seating Availability; In Person Attendees Only)


Authors:   Heather Joslyn, Alex William, Bailey Hayes, Fabrizio Pandini, Saad Malik


*This event is only available to in-person attendees; first-come, first-served as seating is limited.*K8s after the Honeymoon: It’s ComplicatedJoin us for some delicious food and drink and a panel discussion moderated by The New Stack's Alex Williams and Heather Joslyn where we will talk about the promise of K8s but also engage in a bit of "group therapy" talking about the hard realities of today. With more and more organizations moving from the “DIY” experimentation phase to “operationalization in production at scale”, many are still trying to navigate the complexity of the open source ecosystem, balance flexibility with control, and explore new use cases such as GitOps, or bare metal and edge deployments. Yes, it’s complicated, but the new modern K8s era is coming, for an ever-lasting relationship with cloud native innovation!Sponsored by Spectro Cloud


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