Kubenetes SIG Node Intro and Deep Dive


Authors:   Dawn Chen, Derek Carr, Elana Hashman, Sergey Kanzhelev


Kubernetes SIG Node owns components that control interactions between pods and host resources, including the Kubelet, Container Runtime Interface (CRI), and Node API. SIG Node is responsible for the Pod’s lifecycle from allocation to teardown, to liveness checks and shared resource management. We work with the various container runtimes, kernels, networking, storage, and more; anything a pod touches is SIG Node’s responsibility! In this session, we will begin with an introductory overview of the SIG and what it has worked on in the past. We will then deep dive into ongoing efforts of the SIG, including features targeted for the 1.22 and 1.23 releases and future roadmap. Join this session to learn more about our SIG, and how you might get involved to make Node even better!


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Authors: Dawn Chen, Derek Carr, Sergey Kanzhelev

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Authors: Dawn Chen, Derek Carr, Elana Hashman, Sergey Kanzhelev

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