Writing Crossplane Providers with Code Generation


Authors:   Hasan Türken, Muvaffak Onus


The presentation discusses the implementation of a Planet Scale provider in a composition with WordPress using Crossplane. The main point is to show how to create a managed service with cool features and how to use composition to create resources with configuration.
  • Planet Scale is a managed service with cool features based on open-source VTS project
  • Crossplane is used to implement a Planet Scale provider in a composition with WordPress
  • Composition is used to create resources with configuration
  • The presentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement the Planet Scale provider and use it in a composition with WordPress
The presenter explains how to create references to resources in the same composition, which is important for combining resources. For example, instead of hard-coding the name of a database, a reference can be created to refer to the database in the same composition.


Crossplane providers are Kubernetes controllers that act as the bridges between your cluster and any external API. However, it’s always been a challenge to write them with CRDs that satisfy the Crossplane Resource Model and in turn Kubernetes Resource Model. In this talk, we will go over the steps of creating a provider with the latest Crossplane Runtime and code generation tooling and then we will see how we can wire that provider up to our application to provision external infrastructure.


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