Migrating to Service Mesh at Scale to Support Billions of $ Transactions


Authors:   Giri Kuncoro, Imre Nagi


Gopay, one of the biggest payments companies in South East Asia, processes transactions worth billions of dollars, with peak scale of more than 15000 financial transactions per minute. Gopay has heavily adopted Kubernetes to run its hundreds of microservices and has very recently migrated to a service mesh based architecture. As we grow, our infrastructure was becoming more complex and fragmented, our engineers less productive. Instead of writing code, teams were constantly interrupted by migration requests and spending more time looking for the right information just to get started. "Why do I need to migrate to newer helm chart again, I just upgraded it!" "This service isn’t responding, who owns it?" This talk will guide you how we fulfilled those challenges and fasten service mesh adoption through a developer friendly platform. The platform simplifies end-to-end software development with an abstraction layer that sits on top of our infrastructure and developer tooling.


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