CNCF TAG Network and Service Mesh Working Group Deep-Dive


Authors:   Ed Warnicke, Lee Calcote, Kenneth Owens


The presentation discusses the importance of standardizing APIs and patterns in service mesh adoption to enable interoperability and reusability.
  • Standardizing APIs is crucial for achieving interoperability between different types of service meshes.
  • Patterns are important for outlining the steps, components, and configurations needed to support different use cases.
  • Patterns should be technology-agnostic and reusable.
  • Meshmark is a performance index that measures the cold hard performance characteristics of cloud native infrastructure.
  • Utilization classes can be used to measure and understand how well the infrastructure is running.
  • Cost can be one of the utilization classes.
The presentation emphasizes the need for patterns to be reusable and adaptable to new innovations. It also highlights the importance of assigning value to the functions provided by infrastructure, such as measuring the impact of infrastructure on the success of shopping carts. Meshmark is presented as a tool for measuring the performance of cloud native infrastructure, with an emphasis on network utilization. Utilization classes, such as cost, can be used to measure and understand how well the infrastructure is running.


With the increasing prevalence of microservice-based distributed systems, this is true: the network, as a discipline, has never been so critical in the efficient operation of cloud-native deployments. Network primitives including load balancing, observability, authentication, authorization, policies, rate limiting, QoS, mesh networks, traditional infrastructure bridging, and so on are now being developed and invested by the entire industry, and are the focus of the Service Mesh Working Group withing the CNCF TAG Network. Listen to our introduction and get an in-depth understanding of the service mesh projects being managed within the working group.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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