Costly mistakes in serverless computing


Authors:   Miguel Calles


The presentation discusses the importance of implementing security measures in cloud computing, particularly in serverless technologies, to reduce costs and ensure data privacy.
  • Leverage temporary credentials and short-lived policies to mitigate risks
  • Monitor AWS service outages and failures to prevent data loss
  • Implement multi-region and multi-cloud designs to ensure application availability
  • Use local storage and session storage to store data in case of API call failures
  • Perform cost engineering to optimize application costs and reduce total cost to collect for toll operators
  • Implement proper cloud security principles to ensure data privacy and security
  • Resources for learning about serverless and serverless security include blogs, books, and cloud provider documentation
The speaker shares an experience where an AWS outage caused data loss in a client's application, resulting in inaccurate billing for customers. This highlights the importance of monitoring service outages and failures and implementing multi-region designs to ensure application availability. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the need for cost engineering to optimize application costs and reduce the total cost to collect for toll operators.


Abstract:Serverless computing has revolutionized cloud computing. It makes deploying code faster, cheaper, and more compact. Yet, with this convenience, we might be prone to making mistakes that weaken our cybersecurity posture. This presentation will highlight some costly mistakes to avoid when building our serverless applications.


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