Securing the Public, who is in Charge?

Conference:  BlackHat USA 2021



The importance of public interest technology and collaboration among democracies in strengthening cybersecurity and protecting people's democratic rights.
  • Students often seek jobs at big tech firms due to high student debts and greater opportunities for research and access to data and facilities.
  • Specialized programs by governments and universities are needed to support and emphasize the importance of public interest technology.
  • Democratic countries need to collaborate and produce a framework to strengthen international law and create new rules and guidelines for independent oversight.
  • Benevolent attackers have a step ahead of us if democratic governments do not lead by example in their own behavior or hold tech companies accountable for cyber intrusions.
  • Cybersecurity should focus on protecting people and their democratic rights.
  • Companies should be held accountable for not following basic cybersecurity principles and consequences should be attached.
  • Better standards in industry and mandated by policy can drive up standards and filter out those who are unwilling or unable to make those investments despite significant profit.
The speaker mentioned the SolarWinds hack and how it was not a high-level, high-profile hack, but rather a result of the company not having proper login protections and basic cybersecurity measures in place. This highlights the need for better guidelines and liability mechanisms to ensure companies provide solid products.




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