Sponsored Keynote: Kubernetes is the Perfect Platform for Enforcing Zero Trust Security

Authors:   Fei Huang


Kubernetes is an ideal platform for enforcing zero trust security in cloud native deployments.
  • Zero trust security is critical for securing Kubernetes environments.
  • Kubernetes allows for proactive security measures through the use of security manifests and policies.
  • Multi-cluster federation and security management are necessary for managing and scaling security in complex cloud environments.
  • Zero trust runtime protection with security automation is necessary for mission-critical applications.
  • Compliance requirements can be met through the use of layer 7 container follow with buff and DRP enabled.
The speaker used the example of the log4j vulnerability to illustrate the limitations of reactive security measures and the need for proactive security measures like zero trust. They also highlighted two real customer profiles, a Fortune 200 company and a fully SAS-based financial service online bank, who both run their containers in complex cloud environments and require strong runtime protection and compliance with various regulations.


Zero Trust security is a hot topic these days, in more than just cloud native deployments. But with most new applications and infrastructure development being done with cloud native tools and infrastructure, zero trust is the single most critical security strategy that should be employed to secure Kubernetes environments.In this talk, Fei Huang, VP of Security Strategy at SUSE and co-founder of NeuVector, talks about what is a zero trust strategy built around cloud native, and where zero trust protections can be enforced with examples from the ecosystem.



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