Kubernetes Data Protection WG Intro & Deep Dive


Authors:   Xiangqian Yu


The presentation discusses the need for data protection in Kubernetes and outlines the common use cases and modules needed to achieve this goal.
  • The working group's charter is to define what it means to protect data in Kubernetes and propose modules to ensure application restoration in case of disaster
  • Kubernetes context involves two pieces: API resources and persistent volume data
  • Common use cases include protecting MySQL databases, migrating data, and enforcing RTO/RPO policies
  • Modules needed include workload APIs, application CRB, and CSI snapshot
A common use case for data protection in Kubernetes is when a MySQL database owner wants to protect their database from common failure scenarios, such as a bad rollout or corrupted data. They may also want to migrate their data to a different region, which requires a backup and restoration process.


Data Protection WG is dedicated to promoting data protection support in Kubernetes. The Working Group is working on identifying missing functionalities and collaborating across multiple SIGs to design features to enable data protection in Kubernetes. In this session, the co-chairs of this WG will discuss what is the current state of data protection in Kubernetes and where it is heading in the future. They will also talk about how interested parties (including backup and storage vendors, application developers, and end users, etc.) can join this WG and contribute to this effort. Details of the WG can be found here: https://github.com/kubernetes/community/tree/master/wg-data-protection.