Real World SPIFFE Scenarios and Outcomes


Authors:   Frederick Kautz, Andres Vega


SPIFFE aims to strengthen the identification of software components in a common way that can be leveraged across distributed systems by anyone, anywhere. The ability to maintain software security by standardizing how systems define, attest, and maintain software identity, regardless of where systems are deployed or who deploys those systems, confers many benefits. The use of SPIFFE can significantly reduce costs associated with the overhead of managing and issuing cryptographic identity documents and accelerate development by removing the need for developers to understand the complexity involved to secure service-to-service communication, but that is not the only outcome. Production identity can have a positive impact on many areas such as interoperability, compliance, audibility, and more. This presentation demonstrates the real world scenarios and outcomes of deploying SPIFFE across your infrastructure and also using it to bridge and integrate the infrastructure of others.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!