D0 N0 H4RM: A Healthcare Security Conversation

Conference:  Defcon 28



It is certainly a time of discovery- though the truths revealed by the COVID-19 crisis can be bitter and bleak. At a time when all attention is focused on the ERs and ICUs that make up the battle’s front lines, it is easy to cast aside old warnings to focus solely on the clinical war. But the need for safety and security only increases in the face of a pandemic- and healthcare cybersecurity is no different. From testing to ventilators, every facet of our response to COVID-19 depends on trustworthy and reliable technology. D0 No H4rm- DEF CON’s continuing conversation on healthcare returns for another up close (but not too close) and personal dialogue between hackers at the top of their fields- from the halls of the FDA to the cutting edge of medical devices security research for an all-encompassing look at what we need to focus on in the age of COVID. Moderated by physician hackers quaddi and r3plicant, this perennially packed event aims to recruit the talent, ingenuity, and vision of the DEF CON family for the challenges we face both now and after the immediate crisis passes.



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Authors: Christian “quaddi” Dameff MD Physician & Medical Director of Cyber Security at The University of California San Diego, Jacqueline Burgette, DMD, PhD White House Fellow in The Office of National Cyber Director (ONCD), Jeff “r3plicant” Tully MD Anesthesiologist at The University of California San Diego, Nitin Natarajan Deputy Director for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Senator Mark Warner Virginia Senator and Chair of the US Cybersecurity Caucus, Suzanne Schwartz MD Director of the Office of Strategic Partnerships and Technology Innovation (FDA)