SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive


Authors:   Bob Killen, Christoph Blecker, Alison Dowdney


Overview of sub-projects and ways to contribute to the Kubernetes project
  • Kubernetes manages an instance of Discourse called discuss.io for end-user focused community forums
  • Moderators help keep the community safe and are staffed across different time zones
  • Contributor.coms is a sub-project that manages marketing and outreach to contributors
  • Contributor and developer guides are living documents that cover general and specific processes for contributing to the project
  • Shadow programs help individuals learn about specific roles and responsibilities within the project
  • Slack infrastructure is moderated to maintain a safe and inclusive space for contributors
  • Joining SIG mailing lists and attending meetings is a good way to get involved
  • Regular attendance and note-taking are appreciated roles for new contributors
Kubernetes has a large footprint on GitHub and requires a team to manage it. The team has made improvements to the CLA system and added new GitHub admins to scale processes. They also use shadow programs to help individuals learn about specific roles and responsibilities within the project.


The Kubernetes Contributor Experience Special Interest Group (SIG) is tasked with developing and sustaining a healthy contributor community. Things like feature velocity, community scaling, mentoring, pull request latency, and more all fall within scope of the SIG In this talk, we will provide an introduction to SIG Contributor Experience, its role within the project, and dive into the various subprojects that support its mission. Additionally, we will provide a general community update and go over how you can get involved.


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