Fighting Against COVID-19: How Can AI Help Build & Scale an Effective Pandemic Response?

Conference:  Transform X 2021


Authors:   Fred Turner


Fred Turner, CEO of Curative, sits down with Melisa Tokmak, General Manager of Document AI at Scale, to discuss the challenges inherent in building highly scalable healthcare systems at a critical time — the start of a global pandemic. Together they explore how AI helped Curative quickly scale to deliver over 25 million COVID-19 tests. Fred and Melisa discuss the use of ML to speed up healthcare delivery where existing data silos typically include unstructured or ‘messy’ data. Their discussion includes those critical areas that are traditionally paper-centric, like patient onboarding, insurance, and billing. They consider how best to drive receptiveness with relevant organizations to further invest in AI. How do you scale a coherent end-to-end patient experience from zero-to-millions of patients quickly and efficiently with AI? What tools and processes can you use to scale up teams, infrastructure, and healthcare testing quickly? What are the opportunities for AI to help increase the quality and speed of healthcare services? Join this session to hear the opportunities for AI to enable and scale healthcare to reach more people quickly and conveniently.