What's New With SIG-Windows: HostProcess and Developer environments


Authors:   Jay Vyas, Friedrich Wilken, Danny Canter, Brandon Smith


Updates on bringing Windows workloads to Kubernetes, including recent improvements, planned future improvements, and new development tooling.
  • CSI plugin support for Windows is now generally available
  • Host process containers (equivalent of privileged containers on Linux) hit alpha in 1.22
  • Pursuing a way to identify Windows pods at API admission time
  • Enhancement to view node logs with kubectl logs
  • Windows Server 2022 offers enhanced container platform with faster download and startup times, improved app compatibility, and consistent network policy with Calico
  • New Windows developer environment to make it easier to spin up Windows clusters
The introduction of host process containers in alpha is a huge milestone for Windows, enabling support for many other scenarios. This will allow for more flexibility and options for developers working with Windows workloads on Kubernetes.


Members of the SIG-Windows community will provide an update on the efforts to bringing Windows workloads to Kubernetes. We'll start off by going over recent improvements including a demo of the new HostProcess feature enabling “privileged” containers on Windows. Next we'll talk about planned future improvements. We'll then show our new development tooling that will enable you to get started with development for Windows in Kubernetes. Lastly we'll finish up with some Questions and Answers with the speakers.


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