Building Absurd Christmas Light Shows

Conference:  Defcon 26



The presentation discusses the use of LED lights and software to create synchronized light shows for homes and buildings.
  • The software used to create these light shows is called xLights and is free to use
  • LED lights can be controlled using a Raspberry Pi and a controller board
  • Fusing is important to prevent accidents and fires
  • Sequencing software, such as xLights, is crucial for aligning the light shows with music
  • The Falcon player is an open-source project that can be used to control the light shows
  • The presentation emphasizes the importance of user interface in sequencing software
The presenter demonstrated how they created a light show by dropping a small animated gif onto the matrix and adding a red background wherever there was a strong beat in the music. They also showed how the software allows for real-time changes to the colors and effects of the light show.


Learn about the elements that go into a computerized light display and how you outfit your own house with dazzling blinking lights set to music.  Components of the show are individually explained and live demonstrations of the technology are on display.  Come get inspired to computerize your  own holiday cheer!



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