From Kubernetes to PaaS to … Err, What’s Next?


Authors:   Daniel Bryant


The presentation discusses the importance of treating platforms as products and focusing on the developer experience. It emphasizes the need for a developer-led control plane and the use of standards and automation to remove friction.
  • Treating platforms as products is crucial for providing a good developer experience
  • Good user experience is necessary for good developer experience
  • Focus on workflows and tooling interop
  • Invest in a developer-led control plane
  • Use standards and automation to remove friction
The speaker shares an anecdote about a conversation between developers at DockerCon who just wanted to write code, ship it, and be done with it. This highlights the importance of making the platform easy to use for developers who just want to focus on delivering value.


Developers building applications on Kubernetes today are being asked to not just code applications -- they are also responsible for shipping and running their applications, too. We often talk about needing a Kubernetes platform, but are we really looking for a PaaS? Or instead, are we looking for some kind of developer control plane with a Goldilock-sized collection of tools that provides just the right amount of platform? This talk will look back on my experience of building platforms, both as an end-user and now as part of an organization helping our customers do the same. The key takeaways are: - Treat platform as a product - Realize that you can’t have good developer experience (DevEx) without good UX - Focus on workflows and tooling interoperability We’ll wrap this talk with a walk-through of the CNCF ecosystem through the developer control plane lens, and look at what’s next in the future of this important emerging category.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!