Virtual: Rescuing Messy Schema Migrations with SchemaHero


Authors:   Treva Williams


Are your schema migrations threatened by a pack of super-villains like The Imperative Syntaxer, Dr. Decoupled Deployments, and Mr. McMessy Migration-pants? If so, have no fear and join this introductory session to a new CNCF Sandbox Project, SchemaHero! You’ll learn about our quest of making it possible to tightly couple database changes with application updates by using one of the superpowers we all know from Kubernetes: declarative state operators. Our rag-tag band of do-gooders believes it should be simple to deploy an application update that relies on a database change without building an orchestrated deployment process. All of this should be possible without requiring an intimate knowledge of the schema-migration language required by the specific version of the database that’s running. Kubernetes has proved that declarative desired state works, and SchemaHero is applying this solution to making database schema migrations easier and more reliable.


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