Live Q&A Session


Authors:   Troy Hunt


Troy Hunt discusses his background in software development and the creation of his data breach notification service, Have I Been Pwned, during a live Q&A session at an OWASP conference.
  • Troy Hunt started building software for the web in 1995 and learned from a 'For Dummies' book on HTML
  • He created Have I Been Pwned after analyzing data breaches and finding it interesting to see someone else's 'dirty laundry'
  • The domain search feature on Have I Been Pwned is widely used by big brands and governments
  • Troy Hunt is a strong proponent of Ubiquiti gear and has used it to create mesh networks for better Wi-Fi coverage
  • Unique security risks in the AI and machine learning space are discussed
Troy Hunt shares a blog post from 2017 about how he used Ubiquiti's Unifi Mesh to fix the dodgy Wi-Fi on his jet ski and create a mesh network for better coverage around his house and even across the water to his neighbor's house.




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