Deciphering Your Way to the World of Golang


Authors:   Mritunjay Sharma


The presentation is about learning the fundamentals of Golang through a workshop that involves deciphering a mysterious message to find a lost treasure. The speaker, Agent Mckenzie, emphasizes the importance of investigation and critical thinking in solving problems.
  • Agent Mckenzie introduces the audience to the workshop and its objective of learning Golang through a fun and engaging treasure hunt
  • The workshop involves deciphering an encrypted code that leads to a lost treasure
  • Agent Mckenzie emphasizes the importance of investigation and critical thinking in solving problems
  • The presentation includes anecdotes and stories to illustrate the points being made
Agent Mckenzie presents a mysterious memo from World War II that contains an encrypted code leading to a lost treasure. The audience is challenged to decipher the code using their critical thinking skills. Agent Mckenzie emphasizes the importance of investigation and observation in solving problems, and encourages the audience to think creatively and outside the box. Through this workshop, the audience learns the fundamentals of Golang and how it can be used in cloud-native projects like Kubernetes and Helm.


A World War-II memo has been found, a mystery is about to unravel and Agent Mritunjay needs your help. The road to lost treasure goes through the mysterious message and Agent Mritunjay is on a mission to decipher it - are you ready to join him in this journey? Pack your bags, put on your spooky hoodie, get that hacker hat on and open that terminal screen to get ready to Go! This is not merely a workshop - this is your journey with Agent Mritunjay to find the lost treasure but wait a minute - how do you plan to decipher the message? Don't you worry - Agent Mritunjay - to your rescue! Join him to learn about the fundamentals of Golang in this special Student's Track workshop where you will learn how Go modules work, what are Go packages, how functions interact to build into an algorithm that will not only help you solve the mystery with your first Golang CLI app but also pave your way to cloud-native projects like Kubernetes, Helm, etcetera. So what are you waiting for? Let's go!


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