Hacking G Suite: The Power of Dark Apps Script Magic

Conference:  Defcon 29



You’ve seen plenty of talks on exploiting, escalating, and exfiltrating the magical world of Google Cloud (GCP), but what about its buttoned-down sibling? This talk delves into the dark art of utilizing Apps Script to exploit G Suite (AKA Google Workspace). As a studious sorcerer, you’ll discover how to pierce even the most fortified G Suite enterprises. You’ll learn to conjure Apps Script payloads to bypass powerful protective enchantments such as U2F, OAuth app allowlisting, and locked-down enterprise Chromebooks. Our incantations don’t stop at the perimeter, we will also discover novel spells to escalate our internal privileges and bring more G Suite accounts under our control. Once we’ve obtained the access we seek, we’ll learn various curses to persist ourselves whilst keeping a low profile so as to not risk an unwelcome exorcism. You don’t need divination to see that this knowledge just might rival alchemy in value. REFERENCES: No real academic references, this is all original research gleaned from real-world testing and reading documentation.



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