Bypassing Biometric Systems with 3D Printing and Enhanced Grease Attacks

Conference:  Defcon 28



Due to the well-known vulnerabilities in traditional authentication methods through users, passwords and tokens; biometric systems began to be widely implemented in millions of devices with the aim of having a more practical authentication system for users and -supposedly- more robust in terms of security. Security researchers were not far behind and started to analyze the security of these biometric controls. In recent years, different techniques have been presented to bypass the authentication of, for example, the smartphones that began to implement these systems. What is new in this talk? avoiding focusing on a particular device, we have gone deeper studying the operation of the sensors implemented in different biometric systems (Optical, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Facial, etc.) and consequently, we discovered new techniques to bypass them. Through this talk, we will show how to fool biometric sensors by the enhanced grease attacks and, even better, the techniques to succeed at bypassing these controls using 3D printing.