EmpowerUs, sponsored by Chronosphere


Authors:   Heather Joslyn, Aparna Dhinakaran, Elenore Bastian, Sophia Vargas, Colleen Coll


Overcoming obstacles and imposter syndrome in the workplace
  • Delegating responsibilities to the team can help overcome lack of expertise in a new role
  • Being realistic about one's strengths and focusing on what one is passionate about can lead to success as a manager
  • Imposter syndrome is common in the workplace, especially for those in new roles or positions
  • It is important to remember that nobody knows everything, especially in new and rapidly evolving technologies like cloud native and Kubernetes
One speaker shared her experience of feeling imposter syndrome early on in her career as a 25-year-old analyst at Forrester. She overcame this by growing her expertise in a topic and focusing on her strengths as a researcher and analyst.


Attendees who identify as women, non-binary individuals and allies are invited to join this special event and program, sponsored by Chronosphere. With women and non-binary individuals being minorities in tech, it’s especially important for these groups to know how to drive influence and gain respect and notoriety amongst their male peers. We will ask questions to our panelists (all women or non-binary) about how they have overcome the challenges of being a minority within their space, and how they have been able to avoid imposter syndrome.Afternoon refreshments will be served.RSVP not required, however seating is limited.