Been There, Done That: Tales of Burnout from the Open Source World


Authors:   Savitha Raghunathan, Divya Mohan


Staying home has erased the line between work and life for many folks in the tech industry and around the world. Initially the extra commute time was utilized by many, including the speakers, for learning new tools, skills, and technologies. This boon eventually turned out to be a double-edged sword with overcommitting at or/and outside work leading to an overall feeling of overwhelming stress. In this talk, Divya & Savitha will share their own experience with overcommitting over the course of the pandemic and reflect on how they could have handled it better. At the end of the session, attendees will walk away knowing when to stop saying yes and how to draw their own boundaries thereby reclaiming their work-life balance.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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