Create Your First CNCF Serverless Workflow Project with Kogito and Knative


Authors:   Ricardo Zanini Fernandes


The presentation discusses the use of a workflow engine called Kogito to create serverless applications and event-driven architectures.
  • Kogito is a workflow engine that can be used to create serverless applications and event-driven architectures
  • Kogito generates REST APIs based on the workflow description
  • Kogito allows for live testing and modification of workflows in development mode
  • Kogito can be used to create event-driven architectures based on cloud events
The speaker demonstrated how Kogito can be used to create a workflow for subscribing to a newsletter. The workflow involved verifying if the email was already subscribed, subscribing the email if it was not in the database, and confirming the subscription. The workflow engine generated REST APIs based on the workflow description, which could be used to trigger the workflow. The workflow also produced a cloud event that could be consumed by other services in an event-driven architecture.


Serverless Workflow is a declarative workflow specification at CNCF for describing service orchestrations. Kogito is an open-source project by Red Hat and implements the Serverless Workflow Specification. In this session, you will learn in a live demo how to create your first CNFC Serverless Workflow project from the ground up with Kogito and how to deploy it on the Knative platform. Kogito is a developer-centric platform that can execute, test, and deploy workflows on Knative environments. The outcome is a REST microservice that can orchestrate other services and events. It is a perfect fit for an Event-Driven architecture and can integrate with Knative Eventing resources to solve complex business use cases. Kogito handles all the heavy lifting when deploying on Kubernetes by generating the resources necessary to deploy on Knative. After this session, you will be able to create a CNCF Serverless Workflow project, test it, and deploy it on Knative to be part of your architecture.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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