Go Reverse-Engineering Workshop: Zero Knowledge Required

Conference:  RSA Conference 2022



Many a reverse-engineer has cringed at the mere mention of Go malware? The days of teeth-grinding are over: Participants in this workshop will be guided through the analysis of Nobelium’s Sunshuttle malware and learn the basics of reverse-engineering GO. This class is perfect for reversers who have never worked on Go malware before. This session will follow Chatham House Rule to allow for free exchange of information and learning. We look forward to participants actively engaging in the discussion and remind attendees that no comment attribution or recording of any sort should take place. This is a capacity-controlled session. If added to your schedule and your availability changes, please remove this session from your schedule to allow others to participate. All attendees are required to bring their own laptop with either Firefox or a Chrome web browser installed. If possible, but not required, please have a licensed and up-to-date version of IDA Pro.