Observing Fastly’s Network at Scale Thanks to K8s and the Strimzi Operator


Authors:   Daniel Caballero Rodriguez, Fernando Crespo Gravalos


Fastly efficiently delivers many Tbps thanks to an Edge Network that expands across tens of PoP across the globe; operating such a network comes with many challenges, so Fastly keeps investing in tooling and automated systems to make that journey as pleasant as possible. One of these systems is Fastly’s Autopilot: an automated system that performs egress traffic optimizations. This talk will provide a system overview, focusing then on the associated telemetry pipeline and how it leverages from our internal k8s-based platform (elevation), some key operators, like the Strimzi Kafka one, opensource networking libraries, like GoBGP, and tooling like FluxCD. Finally, this talk will also share some challenges and findings associated with this very network-related use case.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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