Secure your cluster-to-cluster traffic, the agnostic way


Authors:   Pauline Lallinec, Dave Kerr


Workday is shifting to a multi-cloud approach whereby its Kubernetes platform known as Scylla can be deployed to public cloud providers as well as Workday’s own data centers. To achieve this, we needed to route tenant data across existing AWS clusters in different regions, to Workday’s own data centre, and potentially in the future, to other public cloud providers. While cloud providers usually have solutions to migrate data to their own cloud, Workday aims to be cloud-agnostic, and as such needs a solution to migrate data cross-clouds. The infrastructure, platform, and application development teams cooperated to develop a solution relying on Kubernetes operators, Istio, Consul, and Helm-delivered application configuration. This talk will give an overview of the tools and technologies used to migrate tenant data to other clusters, wherever they are deployed. We will additionally review the learnings from this experience and give an overview of the future work.


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Authors: Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson, Laura Lorenz, Paul Morie

Authors: Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson, Laura Lorenz, Paul Morie

Authors: Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson, Laura Lorenz, Paul Morie