Why is Anyone Using Kubernetes Anyway?


Authors:   Tasha Drew, Gaby Moreno Cesar, Josephene Pynadath, Carl J Pearson


Have you ever taken a step back and wondered, what is up with this whole Kubernetes thing? Why are people using it all over the place? Is it becase of Phippy and Captain Kube? The Docker whale being so cute and retro? Or is there something else going on? The team at SIG Usability had these questions too, and we have embarked on a two year user research study to find out what exactly is going on. Our goal is to make sure the upstream Kubernetes' community deeply understands the needs and goals of the users of Kubernetes, and how they are met and not met today. Join this talk for a deep dive into our study and data, and what we're learning about our users. Spoiler: getting started with Kubernetes is real hard, and we should fix our on-ramp. Learn more at our talk!


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