Keynote: 7 Years of Running Kubernetes for Mercedes-Benz - Jens Erat, DevOps Engineer; Peter Mueller, Lead Expert; Sabine Wolz, Product Owner, Mercedes


Authors:   Peter Mueller, Jens Erat, Sabine Wolz


The presentation discusses the company's journey towards cloud native mindset and open source strategy, and the success factors and benefits of using open source technology and community approach in their platform.
  • The company started small and thought big, and went automation first even automation only.
  • The cloud approach spread among the IT in the company, reducing lead times in deploying new applications from month to days or even minutes.
  • The company constantly renews their setup and follows the newest upstream development by joining in community efforts like cluster API management or for Kubernetes fleets.
  • The company supports their app teams all the way on backway to cloud native to keep up with the pace.
  • The company's platform is mostly open source or inner source, and they support their platforms in a community approach.
  • The company's success factors include starting small and thinking big, going automation first, reducing cognitive load of devops teams, and using open source technology and community approach.
The speaker replied to a customer who asked who will run their completed application by saying 'you build it, you run it'. This was uncommon in a world of ticket operations, but the company went automation first even automation only, reducing lead times in deploying new applications from month to days or even minutes.


Years ago, software engineers faced hard times at Mercedes-Benz: spreadsheet operations, manual processes, grown infrastructure and strict governance. A grassroots initiative of engineers accepted the challenge to change the game – and their silver bullet was Kubernetes. Join us on our journey from introducing Kubernetes 0.9 on managed servers to an on-premises self-service cloud platform with close to 1000 clusters on Cluster API. You will learn about our stake transforming a data center with a young team that mostly did not know enterprise processes before. We describe how mixing naive visions and a strong believe in open source with lots of resilience made the project a success.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!


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