Our Secure Future


Authors:   Jaya Baloo


The speaker discusses the challenges of information security and the need for a clear focus on the top priorities to address the problem.
  • Information security is facing challenges, including the rise of ransomware cases.
  • There is a need for better communication and prioritization of the top security issues.
  • Organizations should focus on the top 10 must-haves for each year to make security goals more achievable.
  • Security should be presented in a financially understandable way to demonstrate its value to the enterprise.
  • Rules of engagement should be established to address cyber threats and espionage.
  • The speaker emphasizes the need for a sustainable approach to fixing security problems.
  • The speaker also highlights the importance of engaging with different groups to set rules of engagement and address cyber threats.
  • The speaker uses the example of the Cassandra complex to illustrate the challenge of getting people to believe in the predictions of security experts.
The speaker mentions a Twitter post about a security professional singing a lamentation song to her CEO to get budget for security. This anecdote highlights the challenge of getting organizations to prioritize security despite the clear risks.


How do we build a better future for information security by examining the lessons learned in the recent as well as distant past?


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