Blockchain-based Security Framework for Cyber Physical Systems (BSF-CPS)


Authors:   Dr. Abhilasha Vyas


Challenges and Solutions for Blockchain-based Cyber Physical Systems
  • Unauthorized access or theft of cryptographic keys may lead to total loss of data
  • Improper key management and access control, unintended forks and chain split attacks are concerns
  • API integration with third parties leads to trust issues
  • Blockchain can provide security for smart systems and achieve trusted data storage and execution of smart contracts
  • Security and privacy are significant challenges in cyber physical systems
  • Heterogeneity in device resources, multiple attack services, lack of control over data sharing, and poor implementation of security and privacy mechanisms are challenges
  • Audit facilities and updating software and hardware are important
  • Ransomware attacks are a major threat to cyber physical systems
Ransomware is a malicious software that holds and encrypts the CPS data as a ransom, exploiting vulnerabilities in the system. These attacks have targeted oil refineries, power grids, and manufacturing facilities. The heterogeneity in device resources and lack of control over data sharing make it difficult to manage and audit the system. Updating software and hardware is crucial to match current security requirements. Blockchain can provide security for smart systems and achieve trusted data storage and execution of smart contracts.


Abstract:Cyber physical systems more commonly known as CPS, is a class of automated systems which work as a lifeline in smart cities’ systems such as home automation system, power grid, automotive industry, etc. CPS are transforming the way we interact, monitor and control the physical world around us. The security aspects of these systems are in high demand as these systems are involved in the day-to-day life of people and the national economy. Compromised CPS can harm the day-to-day operations of people. CPS systems are complex in design and more prone to cyber-attacks. Detection of safety and security deficiencies acts as a fundamental building block for creating a security framework for CPS at different levels. Cyber Physical Devices (CPS), the Internet of Things, and digital frameworks are generally cases of embedded devices in which the basic requirement is to provide flexibility to various applications with higher adaptability to provide reliable communication with the implementation of communication protocols. However, existing platforms use centralised networking, which suffers from security, scalability and big-data problems. In this talk, I will be presenting a blockchain-based security framework for CPS (BCSF-CPS) which will provide a trustable network to get rid of third-party problems. In addition, also improve the scalability, security and big-data problems for CPS. The rudimentary principal behind the proposed framework is based on a hybrid of open and consortium blockchain. This hybrid approach will provide a peer-to-peer communication network between the end user and the service provider. The first half of this talk will present a review of CPS major security problems like centralized control, cloud and edge device data management, heterogeneous environment, secure data access with high latency and accuracy, adversarial attacks, overall security, and privacy. The proposed BCSF-CPS framework will be presented in the second half of the talk. BCSF-CPF based on role-based access using the account address of the blockchain node as the identity, redefining access permissions, designing the initialization, access control, authorization, authorization revocation and audit processes, and using lightweight symmetric encryption algorithm to achieve privacy protection. Moreover, will also share review in applying blockchain technology for CPS to provide insights and highlight the challenges and future opportunities.


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