React Native Security. Addressing typical mistakes


Authors:   Julia Potapenko


The presentation discusses the importance of platform-specific considerations in React Native application security.
  • React Native is a leaky abstraction that requires attention to platform-specific details for security
  • Examples of platform-specific security considerations include secure storage, managing and joint permissions, and jailbreak/root detection
  • Third-party solutions and libraries can be used to address some of these security concerns
  • Mobile security best practices should be followed to ensure consistent behavior across platforms
The speaker highlights the differences in behavior between iOS and Android when using the Secure Store library from Expo, emphasizing the need for platform-specific attention to security details.


Abstract:​When developers choose to use React Native as a platform for their mobile apps, they think about the benefits of one codebase for two platforms, increased development speed and advantages of TypeScript. But what about application security? Many articles claim that React Native apps are less secure. In my talk, I'll shed light on React Native apps’ security based on my experience, and explain some risks and threats developers should address to prevent typical mistakes.​​​


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