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Conference:  Defcon 31
Authors: Sven Cattell Founder nbhd.ai & AI Village, Rumman Chowdhury Founder Humane Intelligence, Austin Carson Founder SeedAI

We’re running the largest live AI hacking event ever in the AI village this year. Anthropic, Google, HuggingFace, Meta, NVIDIA, OpenAI, and Stability, have all provided models to attack and Scale AI have built the platform. This event is orders of magnitude bigger than any previous AI red team effort. There are observers from the White House, NIST, NSF, and the EU coming to learn from hackers. We built this event to grow the community that knows how to effectively evaluate Large Language Models as it is much more than prompt injections and jailbreaks. AI works fundamentally differently to traditional software and only forms a part of a product. Trust and Security of AI in a system thus has to work fundamentally differently to traditional software. This is especially true for generative AI systems. The core difference is AI is a stochastic component of software and is allowed to make a small amount of mistakes. This changes bug hunting, reporting, and payouts. Come to this talk to hear about how and why we organized this, and the history of algorithmic & bias bounties that led up to the largest one ever at DEF CON 31. We’ll also give you some tips to help you in the contest.