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Authors: Wim Henderickx

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The presentation discusses the challenges of deploying and operating network functions in a cloud-native environment and the approach taken by the organization to address these challenges.
  • The organization's main business is developing network functions, which are increasingly being deployed in a cloud-native environment using Kubernetes.
  • These workloads have interdependencies and complexities that need to be addressed.
  • The organization is transitioning from a hardware Black Box system to a cloud-native environment, which requires a different approach to deployment and orchestration.
  • The organization's approach is intent-driven, scalable, distributed, and uniform, with a focus on collaboration and validation upfront.
  • The organization uses Kubernetes heavily and standardizes its automation system on the Kubernetes Resource Model (KRM).
  • The organization aims to build reusable components that are applicable to multiple use cases.
Authors: Jennifer Strejevitch, Alois Reitbauer

TAG App Delivery focuses on simplifying application delivery on Kubernetes as well as improving developer experience. This session will showcase recent development around operators, chaos engineering, application delivery methods and demo applications. Whether you are just getting started with cloud-native application deliver or getting up to speed on the latest this session will provide you with ongoing activities, recent developments and selected trends based on feedback from CNCF projects in the app delivery space.