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Authors: Dr. Magda Chelly

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The presentation discusses the potential risks and benefits of using AI-generated code in software development, with a focus on cybersecurity and DevOps. The speaker emphasizes the importance of balancing speed and efficiency with quality and security, and highlights the need for clear contracts and due diligence when working with third-party AI tools and data sets.
  • AI-generated code can increase productivity and reduce errors, but may also pose significant risks to businesses and users if not properly regulated and tested.
  • Clear contracts and due diligence are necessary when working with third-party AI tools and data sets to ensure quality and security.
  • The use of AI in software development requires a balance between speed and efficiency and quality and security.
  • The speaker suggests that AI-assisted coding may be a more effective approach than relying solely on AI-generated code.
  • The presentation also touches on the broader issues of data privacy and intellectual property rights in the context of AI and big data.